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Why is Yaletown Plumbing the Leading Provider of Plumbing Services in Vancouver?

The leading provider of plumbing services in Vancouver BC


Vancouver plumbing professionals since 2008. Yaletown Plumbing has been the locally owned and operated plumbing experts to turn to for fast and dependable plumbing service and repair. Whether you have a plumbing emergency or a remodeling project, we will provide you with the qualified technicians and guaranteed work that is absolutely necessary when you need expert plumbing solutions for your home or business in Vancouver.

Why is Yaletown Plumbing your plumbing pro?

When you think of plumbing repairs, a few questions immediately come to mind like, "How much is this really going to cost?" or "Will they come back if this isn't fixed right?" and "Are they going to get my house dirty?" At Yaletown Plumbing, we realize that people may have had a bad experience with other VANCOUVER PLUMBING companies, so we are ready to answer all of your questions right up front.Give us a call today First of all, we have a fair pricing and fast response policy when you call for our plumbing services or repairs. We know that plumbing repairs are probably the most urgent emergencies that homeowners have to deal with, so we get back to you as quickly as possible. We also provide free estimates and fair pricing because we know that being the first to arrive on the scene doesn't help if the cost is too high. We offer flat rate pricing along with our fast and dependable service. This way you know exactly what you're getting & how much it will cost you before we start! Read the testimonials of our delighted customers here.

Areas of Service

VANCOUVER PLUMBING services and repairs are available in most areas in Vancouver west, including: YALETOWN, GASTOWN, COAL HARBOUR, WEST END, WEST VANCOUVER, NORTH VANCOUVER, KITSLIANO, KERRISDALE, U.B.C, and the surrounding areas. If you live in the Vancouver area, and need a plumbing professional that you can trust, ask around. Many of our satisfied customers hear about us by word of mouth. After only 2 years of providing expert plumbing services, we have a lot of enthusiastic customers who are happy to give testimonials about our honesty, cleanliness, reliability, and experience!

Guaranteed Work

Vancouver plumbing by qualified technicians means that all of our work is guaranteed and performed by skilled professionals. As well, our plumbers are paid by the hour and not by the job; so you'll never have a technician who comes to your house and 'rushes' your project to get to a higher paying job. We are extremely clean, so you'll also notice that our technicians remove their shoes to protect your flooring and plastic covers to protect your home from water damage. Because we know the area and have local, experienced technicians, the turnaround time for your plumbing project will be fast. In fact, many projects can be scheduled and finished in the same day! All of our work is guaranteed, so when it comes to Vancouver plumbing, we are definitely the best in the Vancouver West area and have been now for over 2 years. Call today and let us give you a free estimate!

Feel free to look around our plumbing website to get a better idea of the services we offer & the kind of company we are. If all else fails, give us a call and we'll take good care of you!

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Vancouver now boasts the purest tap water in the world

Vancouver now boasts the purest tap water in the world

so why are you still drinking bottled?

in Canada, the per capita consumption of bottled water has skyrocketed. In 1999, we consumed an average of 19.4 litres per person, climbing to more than 60 litres per person by 2008. Considering the Metro Vancouver region now houses more than 2.1 million residents, at that rate the number of plastic bottles we go through could entirely fill Okanagen Lake every two years.

So why, when we have the purest water in the world, do we continue to reach for the bottled stuff?

Myth: Bottled water is safer.

Fact: Bottled water can be from any source and treated in any manner. The two largest brands of bottled water in Canada, Coca-Cola’s Dasani and Pepsi’s Aquafina brands use filtered municipal tap water from Brampton, Ontario, and Calgary, Alberta. The NRDC found plenty of bacteria and chemicals in bottled water, including arsenic and methylene chloride. The new water filtration system at the Capilano-Seymour reservoir uses UV light to disinfect potential pathogens and nasty parasites cryptosporidium and giardia.

Myth: Bottled water is strictly monitored and tested.

Fact: Metro Vancouver tests tap water everyday from hundreds of sources, up to 25,000 times per year. Bottled water plants are inspected only once every three years.

Myth: Plastic bottles do not waste water.

Fact: According to Metro Vancouver it takes 3 litres of water to produce 1 litre of bottled water, and the equivalent of ½ litre of oil in embedded energy cost, including the toxic manufacturing process to produce plastic. Bottled water consumes significant amounts of non-renewable fossil fuels to extract, package and transport products to market, creating pollution, including CO2, decreasing overall air quality.

Want to learn more?

watch this documentary.

From the producers of Who Killed the Electric Car and I.O.U.S.A., this timely documentary is a behind-the-scenes look into the unregulated and unseen world of an industry that aims to privatize and sell back the one resource that ought never to become a commodity: our water.

From the plastic production to the ocean in which so many of these bottles end up, this inspiring documentary trails the path of the bottled water industry and the communities which were the unwitting chips on the table. A powerful portrait of the lives affected by the bottled water industry, this revelatory film features those caught at the intersection of big business and the public’s right to water.