Plumbing Services - Replacing Plumbing Pipe

If you have a burst plumbing pipe and it is flooding your home or business, you need to get that water turned off fast.  If you know how to turn off your main water supply – do it or delegate someone else to do it right now.  If you don’t know how – call us immediately and make it clear what is happening.  We will have a technician on location as fast as is humanly possible while trying to help you over the phone.  With years of experience in helping to avert disaster, and an excellent reputation for being there for our customers in emergencies, you can rely on Yaletown Plumbing to help you with a level of service that is second-to-none.



Our plumbing services include:

-toilet repair -shower drains -water heater repair
-sink drains -leak detection -garbage disposals
-leaking faucets -fixing leaks -dishwashers
-clogged drains -gas BBQ install  
-plumbing pipes -gas fireplaces …and much more.