Frequently Asked Questions

What areas does Yaletown Plumbing serve?

We currently service all of Downtown Vancouver, East to Main Street, West to Macdonald St, and South to 16th Avenue. You can see a map of our service area by clicking here.  

What are your hours?

We currently provide services between the hours of 9AM-5PM Monday-Friday.

Please click here for information on how to deal with many of the most common plumbing emergencies.


What are your rates?


We’ve recently introduced a completely new pricing structure focused on delivering value and peace of mind for you.  Under our new program, we provide a detailed estimate for the work you need done, before we begin.

We call it our FairPay™ pricing program, because we believe that you should pay a fair price for the work we do, and not a penny more.

  • Unlike other companies that only quote an hourly fee but then add additional charges for things like travel time, fuel surcharges, tool rental fees and more, we provide our price up front, allowing you to understand the real cost of the work.  We don’t charge hidden fees, ever.
  • Our FairPay™ program removes the emphasis on time, so our technicians don’t feel pressured to hurry, which can lead to mistakes.
  • Our first priority is making sure the job is done right and to your complete satisfaction, regardless of how long it takes.

Can I get a free estimate?

Absolutely.  Here’s how our process works:


  1. You can e-mail; us with a detailed description of the work needed. If possible, it’s helpful to attach a photo or two to help us fully understand the issue(s) and the extent of the labor and materials required.
  2. We’ll send you an estimate of what we feel the work will cost, based on our experience and the information you have provided.
  3. If you are comfortable with the estimated price, we’ll schedule a service call at a time that is convenient for you.

How does booking online work?

The first step is set up an account with us online.  We’ve made this process super fast and simple, you don’t even need to enter your credit card information.  (click here to set up your account).

Once you have an account you can log in and choose a date for a service call that works for you.  Finally you’ll provide us with a detailed description of your plumbing concern, add one or more photos to help us understand the issue and click send.  That’s it.  We’ll review your request and respond promptly.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes. All of our service technicians are licensed, insured, and bonded. 

What forms of payment do you except?

 We accept VISA, MasterCard, personal cheques, cash and eTransfer.

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